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Novactus Logo

Results-driven innovation, change & growth

What we do
We help you:
  • create the right strategy for innovation, change and organisational development.
  • select and develop the right ideas for your organisation to progress.
  • develop the skills of your people to lead innovation and change.
  • create successful innovation pipelines within your organisation.
  • help you explore new products and markets.
  • make innovation happen effectively so it becomes “the way we do things around here." 

What makes us different?

  1. Expert Team
    Expert Team
    We are a unique blend of innovation, change and organisational development experts. We have led many successful innovation and change projects with large corporates, public sector institutions, SME’s and start ups We bring proven expertise with a energetic and exciting delivery style.
  2. Partnership Approach
    Partnership Approach
    We work with you to decide where you want to be and then help you get there. We will help you develop your strategy, your processes, your products and your people. Our aim is to support you by transferring our know-how to you in the most effective way possible.
  3. Results Focused
    Results Focused
    You can only claim success when you start seeing the impact of your efforts. That is why focusing on results is at the centre of everything we do - be that new products, new processes or giving people new skills. We often focus on specific projects and then use the project as a way to facilitate your learning – bringing the benefits to you and your organisation.
  1. strategy development
    Working with you to decide the best way forward for your organisation.
  2. innovation management training
    Helping you develop your people through training on an individual, team and organisational level.
  3. innovation process training
    Helping you implement processes to explore, evaluate and execute the best ideas.
  4. change management training and consulting
    Helping you and your people manage and adapt to change in a structured way
"We have a strategic plan. It's called doing things."
Herb Kelleher
novactus innovation