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About us
Formed by Rod Howells, we are a team of highly experienced professionals with a passion for helping organisations enhance their innovation, growth and change capabilities.

We provide a wealth of expertise in innovation, change, leadership and management development.
We work with organisations to help them innovate, change and develop through facilitation, mentoring and training. We work with individuals and teams to help deliver organisational goals - usually focused on a specific work project or challenge. We make sure that new projects and services are really wanted, technically feasible and financially viable.
We are results focused and work with our clients to support both project delivery and people development.

As well as the core team, we can draw on an expensive associate network to find the right person to work with you to solve your challenge.
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Meet The Team

Process and people expertise - from concept to reality

We believe that being successful at innovation is about more than just a taking part in a great idea generation session. It is about having the appropriate strategy and processes in place to make sure the right ideas are reviewed, refined and realised.
It is about giving people the skills, confidence and resources to deliver their ideas. It is about creating the right environments where ideas can flourish, be explored and evaluated. It is then practical implementation and doing this in a way that is repeatable and reliable.
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  • Strategic planning
  • Creativity & problem solving 
  • Exploring & evaluating ideas
  • Technical & organisational development
  • People skills
  • Managing change
  • Team development
  • Leadership
  • Business modelling & planning
  • Securing funding
  • Market research
  • Prototyping, piloting and partnering
  • Project management
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Commerical & technical due dilligence
  • Influencing & presenting your case
  1. Rod Howells
    Rod Howells
    Innovation Processes, Strategy & People Development, Facilitation
  2. Rachel Harker
    Rachel Harker
    Technical & Organisational Development, Innovation Strategy, Partnerships
  3. James Culy
    James Culy
    Research and Development, Innovation Strategy
  4. Will Woodward
    Will Woodward
    Creativity, Problem Solving & Facilitation Innovation Strategy
  5. Tim Grice
    Tim Grice
    Organisational Change & People Development, Facilitation
  6. Jayne Montgomery-Stuart
    Jayne Montgomery-Stuart
    Personal and Team Development, Leadership & Change Management
  7. Andy Bibby
    Andy Bibby
    Organisational Development, Leadership & Change Management
  8. Nigel Lambert
    Nigel Lambert
    Technical Development & Funding Innovation Processes
  9. Charlie Mann
    Charlie Mann
    People Development, Leadership & Change
  10. Dan Masters
    Dan Masters
    Personal and Team Skills Leadership & Change
  11. Wendy Lomas
    Wendy Lomas
    Personal and Team Development Leadership & Change Management
  12. Gail Anderson
    Gail Anderson
    Strategy, Facilitation, Concept Development
"The way to start is to quit talking and start doing."
Walt Disney